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Desine specializes in the retail and franchise industries in adapting the image of a brand to any space, offering the following services: brand identity development, architectural survey and project, turnkey adaptation and maintenance of commercial spaces such as offices. , branches, showrooms, franchises and more ... design and manufacture of commercial furniture. Desine is also recognized as a specialist in central vacuum solutions for residential and commercial markets, being the distributor for Mexico of the leading brands Beam and Cyclo Vac.

He has been using Odoo since 2021 for project management, furniture manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, sales, accounting, human resources, maintenance and service, CRM, digital marketing automation, e-commerce and website.

Now with Odoo we manage each commercial premises remodeling project in an integrated way, measuring the control of the budgeted time against that actually carried out for each project concept: survey and measurement of the premises, architectural project, labor budget and supervision, it allows us We also better control the purchases of materials and expenses such as per diem and transport, we also share with each client the progress of the project by giving them a web access to our website, we are definitely more efficient, it allows us to measure progress and profitability in a click, before we had separate solutions and it took us days to collect data to determine the bottom line.
Mariano Martín • Project and construction manager

Evercil has been the first franchise in Mexico of clinics specialized in eyelash extensions application services, keratin hair treatments and the sale of eyelash, hair and skin care products.

He has been using Odoo since 2021 for project management, product manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, sales, accounting, human resources, CRM, digital marketing automation, e-learning, events, e-commerce, and website.

The implementation of Odoo has allowed us to integrate in the same platform: website, e-commerce, and generate emailing campaigns as in more efficient social networks and with excellent measurement of results and scope, generating greater digital income, as well as optimizing time of our community manager, achievements that we had not generated before with separate solutions.
Myriam Belloncle  • Co-founder and director

M&B Holding is a controller of industrial and intellectual property of the group's trademarks, patents, commercial notices, copyrights, and licenses, in addition to creating innovative concepts and focusing on providing value and benefits to customers, it is also a generator of jobs and opportunities for its investors.

You have been using Odoo since 2021 to manage your purchasing, sales, CRM, accounting, and website.

Our holding now integrates all the group companies in the same platform, allowing to facilitate the work of inter-company reconciliation in Mexico but also in France and Spain, the accounting team is very grateful for this change in ERP, we can also review the operation of any company from any mobile device.
Christophe Belloncle • Founder and president

Lashmex is an online store specialized in providing beauty products to professionals in the sector so that they can focus on their business and receive the merchandise at the door of their business.

He has been using Odoo since 2021 to manage his sales, purchasing, manufacturing of his products, inventory, accounting, human resources, CRM, automation of digital marketing, e-commerce and website.

Now we have on the same platform: website, online store, CRM with excellent management of prospects, we can frequently generate more efficient digital campaigns on social networks and with e-mailing, with excellent measurement of results and scope, generating greater prospects as customers.
Mayra López  •  Commercial manager